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Fairy Meadows Post… Finally! – April 2 to 9 2011 (Sort of)

April 20, 2011

It finally arrived. The bloody trip we had to book a year in advance, sort out a food menu with Will (no dairy, never enough food) and go shopping with the Rubbermaid Nazi (Trev). Before we even got to the heli pick up we were stuck in a 6hr traffic wait due to an accident on the highway. Things were not shaping up too well. Fortunately it was snowing and conditions looked like they were going to be Epic, we made the pick up and the first three days up at the hut were deep with a great combination of alpine and tree skiing. Unfortunately I had the to end the trip on day three due to a family emergency…  soTrev and Will stayed… and I only have 3 days of photos for you.

Trev was nice enough to get this photo of my ski pole… in the white room

Trev shreds what turns out to be an icefall…..

The skier highway….

Another skin track shot……….

and the rest……

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