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1:20k Topomaps of BC!

March 24, 2011

Details… I like them. So I like 1:20k topographic maps. Yeah you can get by with the government standard 1:50k but you’ll probably have no idea what peak you’re standing on or you can be like my ski touring partners and just turn up totally unprepared without a map and hoping for clear weather everyday.

After some searching I’ve found a source for decent 1:20k maps for the entire province (BC that is). Ordered two for my upcoming Fairy Meadows Hut Trip in April. The maps look like…. maps (wow, I know) full of useful contour lines, peak names and terrain features. They are also full of a bunch of useless information. Do I really need a box on the side telling me how far it is to Castlegar or Abbotsford. Really, of all the places in the Province why the hell do I need the distance to Abbotsford.

Anyway…. 1:20K Topos are available at The Canada Map Store for twenty CAD.

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