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Col du Chardonnet west facing (Chamonix) – Feb 26 2011

March 1, 2011

Back to Chamonix after just over a month and guess what???? NO SNOW!

Well I lie, apparently there was about 15cms of snow earlier in the week that didn’t bond too well and just blew away. Will and I thought it would be a great idea to ski a west facing couloir near the Col Du Argentiere (Brilliant I know… west facing after a month of no snow and high temps) so we headed off………….. and got lost in one of the Rognons Glacier crevasse fields. F U N. Yep turns out a massive serac fall (it looked like an avalanche pile only it was solid ice) took out the traverse toward the south east side of the Argentiere Glacier. A little route finding later we thought let’s scrap those plans and headed for the much more accessible Col du Chardonnet to ski down the west facing glacier and the lower couloirs.

Col du Chardonnet….

We skinned up the lookers left hand side to just below the col and then skied back down the right hand side before hitting the larger couloir just below the tongue of the glacier. Great views and a nice sun tan. Snow wasn’t great but the day out was.

Will admires the view (Argentiere and Rognons Glaciers) on the skin up…..

Do I ski with rednecks?

Our markings….

We went up, down and all zee way around…..

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