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Duffey Lake Rohr Ridge – Dec 28th 2010

January 3, 2011

After a happy holiday season with the parents (where MEC gift certificates turned into a new blue Contention 2 jacket) it was time to go stretch the touring legs for the first time of the season. On the 27th of Dec I picked Trev up from the Horseshoe Bay ferry and headed up to a rented condo in Whistler for a few days of backcountry skiing. We hit up the worlds most expensive grocery store (Whistler IGA) for some rations and made a plan for the next day…. which was originally Whistler Backcountry but high winds and an unstable snowpack pushed us to Duffey Lake instead for some safety in the trees and nice deep snow.

Destination: Rohr Ridge, south side aspect

Beta: John Baldwin Duffey Lake Map

Weather: In and out clouds, from complete white to bits of sunshine

Conditions: Deep and fresh from the top, around 2200m down to about 1500m. The last 200m down to the road (road is roughly 1300m) was about 10cms on top of a crust.

Stability: The avalanche report had things at 3-Considerable in the alpine and tree-line and 2-Moderate below tree-line. We didn’t find any signs of instability however a friend of ours reported finding some nice slabs on the other side of the valley on north facing slopes.

Fellow Skiers lower down the ridge.

Weather moving in and out.

Finding some nice snow myself… nice new jacket! (Trev Photo)

Hmm, pixie hair is not good.

A short walk back to the car to finish off.

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  1. January 3, 2011 7:51 pm

    looks like some nice snow and a long route. If you have any route beta for the whistler area we are looking for some help to populate out route database? let us know.

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