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Chamonix Dec 10 to 12

December 13, 2010

Epic no, Fun yes.


Early season in the Alps is always hit and miss. The storm rolled through last week and before we arrived the only thing rolling through was wind. Coverage looks really good but our first foray on Saturday revealed slopes that were already skied or exceptionally wind blown.  With only the Grand Montets open and not to the very top I was happy I left the skins at home as my early season fitness wasn’t doing any big uphill. So after a few hours Saturday we called it quits and went shopping. I needed new boots and settled on the Scarpa Maestrale, featherweight compared to my now defunct BD factors. I was originally aiming for either the BD Quadrant (too wide) or something from Dynafit (too narrow) but in the end the Scarpas won out on fit. I’m happy and will post some photos this week.

Daniel and the wind crust (off the Bouchard Gondola)

Sunday we met up with Chamonix friend Pete Mason for a hello and some brush up on crevasse rescue techniques. With conditions crap we took the opportunity to sit in the sun, play with rope and practice, practice, practice. It was new info for Will and Danny so it was good to do it and get my friends up to speed as well in case disaster strikes this year. Pete to my surprise is now a father. Madness.

Pete Mason, playing victim and chillin


Aside from all that… Nostalgi was in full effect on the drive up, Captain Indecision (Will) spent 4.5hours in Snell Sports trying to buy boots, Daniel read A brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking (Seriously… WTF???) and Radio Plus was non stop club hits on the way back.

Vancouver/Whistler on Dec 23rd………

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