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New SKEEES!!!! Boots needed….

November 23, 2010

So after saying all summer that I wasn’t going to buy new planks I broke down, bought some…. so now I can obsess about something else. Like boots! Fuck.

Skis first! A pair of Praxis Backcountry boards is getting ready for a Dynafit mount once I decide on the new footwear.

The skis are 180cms with dimensions of 130/105/121 and weigh in at 1770g per ski (yes I weighed them) which is pretty light, especially when compared to the 09/10 BD Kilowatt at 1816g with dimensions of 175cms x 125/93/112 (Kilowatt info courtesy of Wildsnow). The Praxis have a decent clip of rocker up front, a touch of camber and a tiny bit of rocker on the rear end. The graphics look like something out of some medieval Robin Hood movie with Westside Connection gansta writing. Odd but I like the grey with red sidewalls so we’re rolling with it. BTW the guys at Praxis were extremely helpful when I bombarded them with questions on the ski and supporting a small producer is always a priority of mine. This will be my everyday ski from groomers and mellow backcountry with Monster to big vertical days with the boys. I’m going to rid myself of the old Gotamas and take the Dynafits that were on them and stick them on the Armada JJ’s as I was just never using them when the lead weight Marker Barons were mounted. So Praxis as the go to ski and the JJs with Dynafits for the super deep. Fun ! Expect a review on the Praxis at some point along with thoughts on what it’s like to skin on a pair a Dynafit mounted Armada JJs.

Boots. After having a rather unsightly bone spur mid way through last season I had to get my boots punched big time. So much in fact that it messed up the overlap in the toe so now snow gets in (duct tape sort of covers it), melts and gives me wet feet. Also the bone spur is no longer so I’m swimming in my right boot.

Hmm so many choices now. When I bought the BD Factors 2 years ago there wasn’t nearly as much selection in the stiff (relatively anyway) touring boot section. Now there is more stuff and lighter stuff.  I’m eyeing up the Scarpa Mobe, BD Quadrants, Dalbello Virus and Dynafit TLT5’s but it’s all going to come down to fit. I’ll probably grab a pair in Chamonix in a couple weeks.

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  1. November 23, 2010 8:44 pm

    I just got a pair of the BD Quadrants and they have lots of good features with minimal weight but my feet are still breaking them in – or is that the other way around?

    I love the boot as they ski well, are super light and have great flex on the uptracks,… just gotta get the fit right, there sizing is a bit tight for my foot type but I would recommend that you give them a look.
    We did a full review on our site here:

  2. January 18, 2011 2:26 pm

    I have a similar set up. Praxis BC, wood top sheet, 190 with the FT Z12 dynafits. I love the set up. Haven’t gotten a lot of time on them yet, but super nice skis. I have had 3 pair of Praxis skis… Still have them all. They are tuffer than any other ski out there. Glad to see some in CANADA! I also have the Factor boot. I like it. I break that stupid walk deal enough already, but still a good boot for what it is. In 3 years, there will be almost perfect B/C boots for charging. Get after it!

    • January 18, 2011 7:59 pm

      Thanks for the comment Jason. Yep I’m loving the Praxis Skis. They coped admirably in the wind blown and refrozen snow in Chamonix this past weekend. Nice and light for touring as well. Have been meaning to stick some thoughts up but I’ve been busy skiing!

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